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Do you have a product or service you want to launch with an exciting event implementation? Have your previous events delivered disappointing results? Do you have an existing event plan that could use a boost? Nickel Concepts can change your event experience for the better and exceed your expectations. Our innovative, targeted event concepts reduce your stress, benefit your attendees, and positively impact your bottom line.

Nickel Concepts’ unique event planning approach works with you before, during, and after your events to ensure they’re a success for everyone involved. 

With a positive, forward-thinking planning process, together we create bespoke event experiences. By building on your strengths and overcoming your obstacles, we create an adrenaline rush of excitement for your event attendees and exciting results for your organization. Use our strategies right away — and see the benefits almost immediately. Your events will be authentic, remarkable and remembered.

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Before the event

Concept Development
Project Management
Event Marketing
Event Branding
Budget Management
Media Relations
Social Media
Venue Sourcing
Entertainment Sourcing
Food/beverage Development
Sponsorship Fulfillment


Entertainment Coordination
Technical Production
Audio Visual Management
On-site Event Management


ROI Assessment
Post Event Analysis

About Nichol Turner

I love the whirlwind world of events. The event planning industry is my passion. I plan and attend exciting event experiences and thrive on the energy and the impact they have. Brainstorming, problem-solving, and planning all the details — I love it all.

My 16 years of event management experience at the highest level directly benefits you. I've managed Canadian and American political speaker events, world-class concerts, national sporting competitions, corporate galas, non-profit fundraisers, award show productions, conferences, product launches in Calgary and across Canada... you name it, I've had my coin in the pot. My direct involvement in such a variety of events opened my eyes to what it takes to plan for success. While many events may be similar in nature, they need to be distinctly different in order to be successful. 

Having that tangible "something different" is the core of my event ideals. I aim to collaborate with you to create your own innovative and effective event concepts, and in so doing I can help you achieve and exceed your event expectations. 


Nichol Turner
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